High Mountain Ranch

Graced By Amazing - A first book in the Road Trilogy by Timothy Anderson, here is a collection of some of his most popular works. Revised, edited, updated and fresh as can be, old and new fans alike will appreciate this completely original offering. Containing the never before posted essay, “20 Miles of Bad Road”, this collection reminds us that although the journey might seem familiar, one is never truly sure exactly what the final destination will look like.

“87”   - Billie Lopeman never saw herself living to be 87. Now that she’s there the world is a very different place than her youth in Montana and reflecting back on what was compared to what is, has everyone reexamining their take on what it means to be living large and in charge.

Real Pretend Sparks - Real Pretend Sparks" is an essay that was penned after Tim attended his 20th High School Reunion last summer. Encountering second guessing, hair pieces, and a P E teacher who remains as God-like as they come, Tim bravely ventures where no West Albany Bulldog has gone before, and, in the process, gets an attitude check about acceptance, and just how far we've come.

Save Your Bows - The Victorian residents of Mrs. Anderson's Christmas Village are in for a huge shock when the residents of the Scrooge household move in. Not all is as it seems, and as this year's holiday tale unwinds, so does Tim's Mother, and the meaning behind a Victorian Christmas. Save Your Bows is sure to put you in a holiday mood.

In Perfect Time - From the prairies of Saskatchewan, in the -45 degree cold, Calving takes on new urgency. Yet in spite of the wind chill, one rancher lights up his local community with his dedication to his livestock and his loyal friendship. A unique tale about the difficults of agribusiness in a "wheres the beef?" world." Tim in front of Kenworth


The Tuckered Truckers Cooking Show - A tongue-in-cheek look at 'eats' on the big road.

Straight Up - This story is split into two parts only to facilitate download times. In the first part, we get to meet Colton, and find out whut makes this man so special to Tim. Tim's staid, Lutheran upbringing gets washed over by the raucous, touchy-feely-ness of Colton's Italian family.

Straight Up, continued - Tim and Colton are joined by Dustin, and we get to see the tenderness that Shane, a straight construction worker can feel towards a buddy with HIV. Colton's "understatement" leads to a hike that seems like a replay of the Bataan Death March. At the end - the payoff.

Little Red Lines - Sometimes the shortest route between two points ain't the way to go. This one'll become yer favorite Christmas story. It shure is mine.

It Came Upon A Northern Star - A Christmas story.

Waking Up is Hard to Do - Not everyone is a morning person. In this short story, biorythym collides with big ladies on the dock.

Hotwheels, Hooves, and the Allusion of Happiness - Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best.

Knocking on Rubber: Dancing in the Key of Safe - Tim runs into the very UN -Official Oakland Visitors Bureau. Sex and the reality of the new world of trucking. An encounter of the type only Tim could have.

Clearcut - Sometimes it seems that our dreams are foolish musings, impractical distractions. Sometimes they just need to be tucked away, retrieved later to get us through tough times.

Highway Markers Update - Recently some local governments have gotten into the matter of those highway markers. Read Tim's thoughts. 

Bread and Butter - "Let nothing come between you," are words to live by, passed on by Tim's grandfather, Orin. This story of real love, family, and priorities will make you wish you could have known Orin, and make you commit to keeping whut's most important in yer mind. 

The Definition of Phagocytosis - Engulfed by the world of a conservative, Christian college, Tim struggles with lessons greater than biology- lessons on honesty, bigotry, stereotypes and the consequences of doing something "just once."

Whale Watchers and the Cloud Walkers - In the Land of First Nations - For anyone who's ever felt like an outsider, this story will strike a deep chord. Tim finds a kinship with a woman from "the beginning of the world" and brings a roomful of Baptist college kids to think about the trucker tribe, homophobia, and the humanity of every Matthew Shepard.

Rebound - Tim ponders the end of a relationship, the road ahead, and gets advice from his barber. This is one of Tim's most touching works.

A.D.: A Trilogy of Moving On While Standing Still

Part 1, Coyotes In Our Midst - A lone coyote appears to signal change. The longest trip home becomes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Part 2, Newly Renovated - A first date collides with youthful history played out in the shadows of a Motel 6 and under the glow of a small town KMart.

Part 3, Almost Idaho Road - Shadow dancing with bullriders, downpours in Calgary, and a demonic carwash illustrate that the journey is often more scenic than the final destination.

Seeing Red - Lake Wobegon and Fargo meet the Twilight Zone in this Lutheran expose. Aww hell, just read the dang thing!

The Exorcism - How could anyone make a fun story out of his family insisting that he go to an exorcist to drive out the demons they felt must posses him? Tim did it. 

Someday I'd Like To See That - Tim runs up against the KKK, the OCA and anti-gay and HIV prejudice. 

The Tree Still Shines - Back to back losses put a damper on the holidays until an artificial tree and a bunch of stranded truckers bring real meaning to the Christmas season.

Ditch Riders Anonymous - Where Tim discusses some of the finer points of the code of conduct of The National Association of Real Men, deer, driving on ice and whut to tell the missus.

Deadly in the Alley - the Story of Destry Fleming - You'll get more insight into the world of this rodeo competitor and life rider in the short time it takes to read this story than you'll have about most of your own friends.

Seeing Red, the Update - Tim revisits the old congregation. Looking older by the minute, they decide they don't have enough angst in their lives. Enter the Beautify the Sanctuary Committee. Tim makes it plain that the saying, "If it doesn't kill you, it must be good for you!" is supremely Lutheran.

Going Bump At Compline - Wild horses and wild times collide in this story about discovering where you are going by knowing where you've been.

Tremendously Wonderful One of his most touching stories, Tim and his 85 year old grandmother follow their roots back to their families Montana Homestead. A tale about family, the ties that bind, and the stories we all hold dear to our hearts...

I Used to be that Nobody's Somebody The track, the ride, and getting bucked off...A racehorse trainer and cowboy reflects on life inside and outside of the winner's circle.

Growing Gold - A Christmas Story - A story about surprise gifts, bigger blessings and a very special Christmas.

Asleep at the Wheel - As the juggernaut of the global economy rolls forward, it's the small guys that get squashed unseen. Tim reflects on his frustration with the futility of a trucker's position in labor disputes.

Something's different - Tim's account of how the WTO and the crash of an Alaska Airlines has changed the feeling around Seattle

The Orientation - A fictional piece that's all too real. If you feel like you could use a little fun, read this.

It Takes a Village - Christmas Spirit and the cliche's of the season collide with holiday decorating in this comical interpretation of what it can mean to be a man in a woman's world.

Straight Shooters - Harney County Oregon sits on the northern reaches of the Great American Outback. Out Cattle Rancher Thom Davis does more than punch cows, breath sage, and break horses. He teaches us a few lessons along the way.

Check Call - Waylaid in a rest area while waiting on dispatch, Tim notices that lifes most unplanned moments can be among the most comical. A wealthy woman with a rebellious pooch sets the stage for what has to be one of the more remarkable chase scenes in human history.

Smackout Pass - Contraband, collisions, and companionship illustrate the consequences of loneliness and love. Set in the mountains of northeastern Washington and western Oregon this story reminds us that sometimes the biggest challenges we face are self-imposed.